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    Quality irrigation equipments


    We provide quality irrigation equipments for installation of irrigation systems in all designs such as Green houses, Farms and other irrigation designs.

    Our equipments are designed to efficiently serve there purpose  with quality service provided by our experts.

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    Standard and Customized Green House


    They are designed to give maximum yield in Kenya and are customized for different climates.

    We have experts in the crop protection and production field ready to help you reach your goal.

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    Dam liners


    As a dam liner installing company in Kenya we sell and supply high quality, affordable and durable dam liners.

    Our technicians are trained in liner welding and installation

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    Bore Hole Drilling


    Lets have a talk about your new Bore hole.

    We offer the Best Bore Hole Drilling Services in Kenya and Ranked among the best in East Africa

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    vision for the future

    our promise

    Does the adverse effect of climate change hamper your dream of becoming an agricultural millionaire?

    We have worked with thousands of farmers to develop irrigation solutions to their farms, your farm can also benefit from our tailor-made irrigation solutions From Drip, sprinkler, button dripper, rain hose irrigation as well as indoor agricultural technologies such as green houses and shade houses

    Dripirrigation kenya
    Green house installation


    To leverage on water technologies for enhanced food production and other water utilisation


    To be the Region best company providing water technology solutions

    Core Values

    1. Efficiency
    2. Integrity
    3. Dependability
    4. Loyalty
    5. Empathy

    What We Build

    The Transformation We need In the Current Situation of the Globe

    Sprinkler irrigation system

    Irrigation Technologies

    As we experience drought, farmers are searching the available alternative to a rain dependent agriculture, we have introduced our irrigation technologies to hundred of farmers and they are reaping big, be that reason for a food secure African continent

    Dam liners

    Water Harvesting Solutions

    There is a growing need to feed the fast increasing African population notwithstanding the adverse effect of climate change ,it is a high time we take action and adopt irrigation technologies. We are her to provide you with the best equipments for water harvesting.

    Bore hole drilling

    Water Sourcing Solutions

    As We all know that agriculture or daily activities especially home can not be done perfectly done, In Africa, the due to climate change we have got a problem of over changing weather. Irrifarm is here to help you drill your bore hole or repair your current one

    CEO strategy

    What Makes Our Services Affordable

    We are the Sole distributors of Datta Irrigation Company products, This is a leading irrigation company based in Faizpur Jalgaon Maharastra province in India.

    Irrigation System Development

    Lets work together and develop the system that can help.

    Green House Construction

    Lets help you setup a quality, productive Green House.

    Bore Hole Drilling.

    Lets help you create a source of water for your Vicinity.

    Water Harvesting

    Get quality products to help you in harvesting water.

    Our solutions

    Quality services & Solutions

    clean tech

    Investing Irrigation technology and water Havesting

    As we experience drought farmers are searching the available altrenative to a rain dependent agriculture,we have introduced our irrigation technologies to hundrend of farmers and they are reaping big,be that reason for a food secure african continent
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    Green House Project Set Up


    installation & project development

    We have been key players in the irrigation systems and project  development in the   

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